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Alliance Ambulance is dedicated to the patients and facilities we service. With this in mind we enjoy the chance to share our knowledge of the intricacies of insurances, state and federal laws, as well as other educational opportunities that could assist facilities in becoming more fiscally responsible when it comes to medical transportation.

Alliance Ambulance is available to provide small classes or seminars regarding medical transportation for administrators, case managers, nursing supervisors, or anyone who is involved in determining the need for medical transportation. We not only provide real-world examples of ways to save money in your medical transportation program, but also forms and worksheets to assist in determining whether medical necessity exists for ambulance transport, other means of transportation that may be available, as well as the maze of insurance requirements to ensure the patient may receive the benefits they are eligible for.

Simply because of the nature of the business many of our patients are covered under Medicare. The federal government determines what the Medicare program will and will not pay for. Many times facilities will call an ambulance to transport a patient back home when there is no true medical necessity which in turn causes the patient to be responsible for the ambulance transport. If the case managers and staff of the facilities would only take the time to discuss non-emergency ambulance transportation with the patients and see if there is some other way the patient can be transported back home (family, friends, wheelchair van, cab, et cetera) then transports that are not medically necessary can be avoided.

You can learn more about medical transportation and Medicare on our Medicare page.

Alliance Ambulance, Inc. does accept all health insurances and is in network with a large number of insurance companies. You can learn about these insurances as well as which ones require a prior authorization before ambulance transport is provided by checking out our Insurance Page.

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Here are some helpful links to assist you:

Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHS)
Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS)
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

Most of the forms that are on this site are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format in order to maintain the quality of the form. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader click here to download it for free.



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