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Services Offered

Alliance Ambulance Inc. offers several different services to hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, patient care facilities, and patients at home. Among these are:

Emergency Ambulance Response:

Alliance Ambulance's employees are certified by the State of Texas as Emergency Medical Technicians and are governed by the Texas Department of Health. Along with aggressive Standing Delegated Orders (SDOs) from Alliance's medical director and many years of emergency experience, the medics are able to provide rapid emergency medical intervention for those patients that are in life threatening conditions.

All of the dispatchers are street experienced and can assist in determining the life threatening potential of the the patients condition. If there is not an ambulance within quick response to the emergency, it is recommended that the facility or patient call 911.

Non-Emergency Ambulance Transfer

Alliance Ambulance Inc.'s primary business is non-emergency transfers and inter-facility transfers. This includes nursing facility or residence to hospital, hospital back to nursing facility, and hospital to hospital transfers.

Our caring medics will transport the patients to their destination and provide basic medical care during the transport with the ability to provide emergency medical care if the situation arises.

Our paramedic units are able to transport patients from hospital to hospital that may require cardiac monitoring, intravenous access, ventilators, IV medication pumps, or any special equipment the patient may require. All of our paramedics have been trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and can utilize that training with critical patient transfers.

Medi-Lift (Wheelchair Van)

A medi-lift van is available for transporting ambulatory or wheelchair bound patients to their various doctor's appointments or other appointments where mobility is difficult. The medi-lift is available Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m till 6:00 p.m. If double booking occurs then an ambulance may be dispatched to transport the patient at the medi-lift cost.

Event Standby and Medical Support

Alliance Ambulance Inc. is available to supply medical support to sporting events, concerts, or other events your company may have. Click here to check out the Special Event page .

Long Distance Transfers and Air Ambulance

Long distance transfers via ground ambulance and by air ambulance is available from Alliance Ambulance. We have taken patients via ground unit all over the state of Texas as well as surrounding states and Mexico. Air ambulance services are available to transport patients anywhere in the world. Contact us to learn more or to receive a quote for services.



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